Plants Rule | Helga George, Ph.D., Research-based B2B Copywriter

I combine my technical writing skills and scientific expertise with that of B2B copywriting to produce compelling content geared to your target audience.

Do you find that your copywriters don’t know the difference between sorghum and switchgrass? Or a flavanol versus an isoflavonoid? How about Bacillus thuringiensis versus Bacillus anthracis? (One produces BT toxin and is used in organic gardening while the other causes anthrax.)

I do know the difference between these organisms and chemicals thanks to my extensive training in the agricultural sciences and a lifelong passion for plants and microbes. I have the writing background to explain such complex topics clearly so that laymen and scientific experts can understand them.

Thorough research can make the difference between good and great copy. My extensive research background lets me hit the ground running to write high quality copy to help you market your business.

I have a reputation for being easy to work with and invite you to contact me for a free consultation on how I can help with your marketing to best highlight your strengths to your target audience.

“Helga is an excellent writer, able to explain complex scientific concepts in laymen’s terms to educate and inform an audience…”
– Michelle Biggerstaff-Arevalo


Copywriting from the Ground Up